Flaherty Sales specializes in matching quality products from the industry’s finest manufacturers with
qualified distributors.


Since 1979, Flaherty sales has been fostering relationships that promote sales growth with integrity.


Flaherty Sales believes a strong foundation for business is built with long term partnerships between
manufacturers, distributors and the end-user.


Flaherty Sales Co. welcomes the challenges of today’s market.  We believe challenges present opportunity.  Flaherty Sales has been mastering the industrial market since 1979 with quality, value, excellence, experience and dependability.


Flaherty Sales force has the experience, knowledge and equipment to provide hands on technical support.  We offer rolling showrooms, on-site training and sales meetings, engineering and specification assistance.


Combined, our sales force boasts over 100 years of experience in the
manufacturers rep industry where our reputation is revered by even our competitors.


We partner world class manufacturers with qualified distributors in the construction, industrial, rental and safety markets of OH, MI, IN, KY, WPa, and WVa.